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Taking you to places you have always dreamed of

Arctic Oven tents are built for ANY adventure.  Whether you are high up on the side of a mountain, deep in a forest or in the open air on an ice shelf, the Arctic Oven tent is your home away from home. 

The innovative tent design and state-of-the-art materials have combined to create the best all-season tent in the world.  Versatility is standard, allowing you to use the tent in the heat of the summer or the dead of the winter… and there are many sizes to choose from!  With so many features packed into the Arctic Oven, you might as well consider it your ticket to the great outdoors!



One great adventure, lifetime of memories

Serious gear for serious weather!  Arctic Oven tents are built to standup to whatever conditions you may face.  The innovative tent design has a superior strength-to-weight ratio, creating a heavy-duty, yet lightweight, shelter from the storm.  And you know that in order to come back home with that “once-in-a-lifetime” story, you need to take yourself, and your gear, to the limits!  

So get out there - take your shot at a Boone & Crocket animal, search for your new family heirloom, or fill up your freezer.  Just make sure you are doing it with your Arctic Oven tent!



Remember the past, embrace the future

For generations, outdoorsmen have braved the storm in canvas-style wall tents.  Today, the Arctic Oven tent is redefining the way you spend time in the great outdoors! 

  • In the past you were wet, now you will be dry. 
  • In the past your gear never dried out, now you will feel brand new every morning. 
  • In the past you spent hours setting up camp, now you will be sitting by the campfire in no time. 
  • In the past you were up all night during a storm, now you will sleep like a baby in any condition. 

Why not start your own tradition where weather is no longer a concern?



Spending a night in the wild has never felt so good

Arctic Oven tents are a true game-changer!  After a night inside a warm and dry tent, you will have the energy to climb that little bit higher and go that little bit further.  With the Arctic Oven tent, luxury is packed into a mobile shelter, allowing you to relax during a weekend camping trip or live comfortably for years on end! 

The versatility provided with an Arctic Oven tent has aided in its popularity as a bug-out shelter as you prepare for the “what-ifs” in life.  You can put your mind at ease with an Arctic Oven tent!

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It's not just a tent...

The Arctic Oven tent is the ultimate all-season camping tent.  The superior design and craftsmanship creates a truly no-compromise camping experience that has redefined the standard of quality, durability and functionality.  Boasting a condensation-free tent interior and an innovative tent design, the Arctic Oven will open up endless possibilities for outdoor adventures.  Become part of an exclusive group of people who have decided to change the way they camp and experience how good it can be... in an Arctic Oven tent!