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Heavy-Duty stake package for your Arctic Oven tent.
Heavy-Duty stake package with military-issue stakes.
Choose HD Stake Package

Heavy-Duty Stake Package

If you plan on taking your Arctic Oven tent on some adventures, you need to be equipped with durable stakes to ensure a solid foundation for your campsite.  All Arctic Oven tents come with Durapegs, which are good in many applications; however, sometimes you need a little more power behind your stakes!  

We have two heavy-duty (HD) stake packages to choose from!  Each package comes with a durable black vinyl bag to store the stakes when not in use.  Each HD stake package comes standard with 30 stakes, allowing you to use them for staking out the full perimeter of your tent or as stakes for the high-wind tie out points (rope not included). 

Nail Stake Package - These durable tent stakes are a great choice in many applications - best suited when you need extreme durability and drive-in power.  Think of them as a huge nail!  You can pound them through hard ground, wood, rocky areas and more.  If you are looking for a heavy-duty option where weight is not an issue, these are the stakes for you!

Military-Issue Stake Package - These multi-use tent stakes are an excellent choice when you need a heavy-duty tie-out point, but want to keep the weight to a minimum.  The lightly used stakes work on many different types of ground conditions: rocky or sandy river beds, tundra and turf, roots or boggy soil, and many more conditions you may face while camping with your Arctic Oven tent!  They are lightweight and corrosion resistant, making them a great all-around tent stake.

Product Details

  • Nail Stakes
    • Each 10 oz. steel nail stake is 12" long with a 1.5" diameter fender washer.
    • 30 nail stakes in each package.  Package includes a heavy-duty black vinyl carry bag with handle.
    • Complete package weighs 19 lbs.
  • Military-Issue Stakes
    • Lightly-used military-issue surplus stakes in olive drab army green color.
    • Each 3.8 oz. aluminum stake is 12" long and 1.25" wide.  They are 1/8" thick.
    • 30 military-issue stakes in each package.  Package includes a heavy-duty black vinyl bag with handle.
    • Complete package weighs 7 lbs.
  • Nail Stakes
    • 10oz. steel nail stakes
    • Fender washers
    • Black vinyl carry bag
  • Military-Issue Stakes
    • 3.8 oz aluminum stakes in OD green color
    • Lightly-used military-issue stake
    • Black vinyl carry bag
*Disclaimer: Not recommended for solid ice.  Clean and dry stakes after each use to prevent heavy rusting.