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Two bug screens per package
Vent tube bug screen for the Arctic Oven tent.
Vent tube bug screen for the Arctic Oven tent.
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Vent Tube Bug Screens

We can all agree that bugs are supposed to be on the outside of the tent!  This simple truth was the motivation behind this popular accessory for the Arctic Oven tent.  The package comes with two vent tube bug screens; one for the high vent and one for the low vent.  This great accessory allows you to keep your vent tubes open for optimal air circulation, while keeping the bugs OUTSIDE!  We use heavy-duty fiberglass screen to ensure that the bug screen is as durable as your Arctic Oven tent.

Product Details

  • Made out of a 3.3 oz vinyl-coated fiberglass mesh. 
  • Comes with stick-on loop Velcro that can be applied directly to the inside tent wall.
  • Has a webbing tab for easy removal of the bug screen, if necessary.
  • To use, apply the sticky side of the loop Velcro directly to the inside tent wall around the vent tube while the square screen is still attached.  Apply pressure to ensure a good bond. 
  • Take care if you choose to remove the screen so the Velcro does not peel from the tent wall. 
  • If your tent comes standard with Velcro around the vent tubes, you can discard the stick-on loop Velcro and attach your screen directly to the pre-installed Velcro around the vent tubes.
  • Larger sized tents (AO 12x18 & AO 12x24) require two packages to cover all four vent tube openings.
  • Finished size is 7" x 7".
  • Two screens are included with each package.
  • If you have an AO 12x18 or AO 12x24, you will need two packages, as you have a total of four vents.