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About Us

The Arctic Oven™ tent, manufactured by Alaska Tent & Tarp, started out as an idea formulated in the late 1970’s for a cold weather tent that could be used while dog mushing.  The original tent, called the Dog Sled Tent, served this function for about 10 years and was used primarily by dog mushers.  Since the tent was designed with dog mushers in mind, there were several design elements that did not benefit other cold-weather campers, such as snow-machiners, cross-country skiers and hunting guides. 

It was decided in the mid 1980’s to reach out to our customers across the spectrum to incorporate all the features that people who camp in cold temperatures rely on.  Through the contact we made with our customers, we generated a list of pros and cons that were experienced with other cold-weather tents available on the market.  The design and fabrics were chosen through the results of the research, and we began the long process of testing the tents in a variety of conditions.  Temperatures during the testing ranged from -40°F to 85°F.  While testing, we boiled water in subzero temperatures, cooked and lived in the tent, and heated the tent with a Coleman stove, small wood stove, catalytic heater, and even a lantern, which can do the job down to -10°F.

The end result of all the research, development and testing is what we know today as the Arctic Oven tent.  The tent is a conventional umbrella design utilizing a double wall principle with an inner tent suspended from an external, self-supporting frame.  The external fly extends past the floor of the tent body and is produced using a material that is twice as heavy as most commercial nylon tents.  The Arctic Oven design is superior in extreme weather conditions, including severe cold temperatures, high wind situations, heavy snow load and wet conditions. 

Over the years, we have continued to expand the models and features of our Arctic Oven tents.  We went from two models to nine over a 25-year span and include several features that allow the tents to be used in warm weather situations as well.  We have become known worldwide, with full “Arctic Oven cities” in Greenland and Antarctica.  The appeal for our tents stretches over a variety of industries, hobbies, and geographical regions.  Our tents are used for hunting and fishing base camps, expeditions, survival equipment, shelter for recreational activities, research projects, educational outings, backyard sleepovers and simply enjoying the great outdoors.  Proud Arctic Oven owners reside all over the globe, including Canada, Greenland, Antarctica, the Scandinavian countries, Russia and all of the 50 United States!