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Reviews from Adventurers

Paul Forward

Paul Forward, Heliskiing Guide, Chugach Powder Guides

The Arctic Oven Igloo is REMARKABLE

“Having spent a cumulative total of several months living in various Arctic Oven tents with the Vapex material, I can attest to the fact that even in the wettest environment, I’ve never touched the Vapex and felt wetness of any kind. Even when drying out piles of soaking-wet gear using a propane heater, the liner always feels dry. It’s remarkable. Find the full review here.”
Mike Hostager

Mike Hostager, Outdoor enthusiast and Aurora Borealis photographer

The Portable Palace

“The new Igloo tent has been a dream to stay in for remote winter camping. Minimal travel volume and weight yield roomy comfort when deployed. The geodome design sheds wind effectively and distributes heat efficiently to its usable living space. Setup has been quick, and the propane stove wonderful, using one-third of a 20# tank overnight at 15 degrees above zero. The vestibule is spacious and provided ample protected storage. All these features make the Igloo the perfect solution for any season, but for winter camping by dogsled, snowmachine or bush plane, it is a portable palace.”
Clint Pickarsky

Clint Pickarsky, Avid Alaskan Outdoorsman

Join the Comfortable Camping Club

“As another cold, wet hunting season in Alaska comes to a close, I am so sorry for everyone that did not have an Arctic oven tent. Starting every morning warm and dry is priceless. Looking forward to -30 camping and shooting Aurora in the best tent ever made. The Arctic Oven. Do yourself a favor and join the comfortable camping club, get your Arctic oven today. Thank you Arctic Oven tent! ”

Michael Strahan, Moderator, Alaska Outdoors Directory

One of the best cold weather tents on the market!

“Join Outdoors Directory's Michael Strahan for a field review of Alaska Tent and Tarp's "Arctic Oven" tent. Used in cold climates from Antarctica to Alaska, the Arctic Oven has earned a niche as one of the best cold weather tents on the market. ”
Brennan Lagasse

Brennan Lagasse, Guide, Points North Heli-Adventures

Withstood more than 10 feet of snow!

“For two seasons, the Arctic Ovens have performed as well as any non-fixed structure imaginable in a truly inhospitable environment. Our camp is perched on the side of a mountain, deep in the rugged Chugach Mountain Range in Alaska. Our fleet of Arctic Ovens have withstood storms that have dropped more than 10 feet of snow in one system. Precipitation wicks off easily during storms, the tents retain heat well, and unlike any other winter camping experience, there’s no interior moisture to deal with. They keep our clients and staff comfortable and safe. These truly are the best of the best.”
Dan & Hope VanDerMeulen

Dan & Hope VanDerMeulen

Changing the way you live!

“I had the Arctic Oven tent set up at a glacier camp at 4500' outside of Valdez. During this time it required no shoveling out as the wind welled around it! It was even abandoned during foreseeable storms. I estimate that 4-6 feet of snow fell during this time. This shelter has changed the way I reside in heavy snow country.”
Casey Keefer

Casey Keefer, Host, Dropped: Project Alaska

No sweat for an Arctic Oven tent!

“I spent 14 days in Nunavut, Canada, inside an Arctic Oven. All I can say is -50 degrees, on top of 8 feet of ice with 35 mph straight line winds and zero visibility... no sweat for Arctic Oven tents! It makes heavy and hard-to-handle wall tents a thing of the past. Buy an Arctic Oven tent... you won't regret it.”