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Reviews from Educators

Ken Phillips

Ken Phillips, Buckland School

No Need for a Sleeping Bag

“Great trip to Serpentine Hot Springs on Seward Peninsula. Northwest Arctic School District cultural outing. Four of our schools were involved. We spent three nights in our tents and some in the bunkhouse. The Arctic Oven tents performed great. All three nights got below zero and I found myself out of the sleeping bag several times because it was so toasty warm, great product.”
Michael Rilee

Michael Rilee, Kotzebue High School, Kotzebue, Alaska

One trip in an Arctic Oven will turn a skeptic!

“A group of students and adults from Kotzebue High School went to the Selawik Hot Springs last week. The trip was around 500 miles round-trip, and many of us stayed in your Arctic Ovens. There were some people on the trip that were skeptics about these tents. After sitting in my tent, several adults said they were going to buy one.”
Carmela Garzione

Carmela Garzione, University of Rochester, Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Comfortable Sleep in an Arctic Oven

“We used our Arctic Oven tent on the northern part of the Tibetan Plateau (~5 km high) during late October when the permafrost is already frozen. Temperatures were as low as -30 degrees C at night. The insulating capabilities of the tent kept us warm enough to get a comfortable sleep even without a stove. The tent works very well in extremely cold conditions.”