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Reviews from Researchers

Kristina Dahnert

Kristina Dahnert, Drill Crew, Antarctica

Living the life in an Arctic Oven!

“I work for an ice drilling project and have spent five seasons and close to 12 months total living in one of your tents and could not be happier with their performance. We supply them to all members of our drill crew. You wouldn't even guess you were in Greenland or Antarctica. ”
James Dickson

James Dickson, Archeological Surveyor, Umnak Island, Alaska

Comfortable and Dry

“… an archeological survey camp on the southwest end of Umnak Island, Aleutian Islands. Survey lasted 30 days, weather varied from sunny and nice to SE-50 knots with heavy rain and fog. We had an AO10, along with various other small tents. The tent worked well and was very comfortable and dry, which could not be said about some of the other tents used.”