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Reviews from Survival

Birch Howard

Birch Howard, Park Warden, Parks Canada

Warmer and More Comfortable Than a Cabin

“I wanted to say how impressed we are with the Igloo...what a great tent. Three of us used it on an 8-day (500 mile) snowmobile patrol to the Yukon north slope. It was easy to set up, shed snow and wind very well, and kept us toasty warm in -30C temperatures without having to use much fire wood at all. We spent one night in a cabin, but quickly decided that it was much warmer and more comfortable in the tent and spent most of the remaining nights in the Igloo. We were all warm, and the tent (with a small fire) kept the water in liquid form (our water jug was a solid block of ice when we stayed in the cabin). I'll definitely be recommending these tents to friends and colleagues.”
Creig Butler

Creig Butler, Alaska Master Guide, Red Bear Guides

Arctic Oven Kept Me Alive

“After our fall hunt, we were using a Super Cub aircraft to fly the moose and most of the camp out and had one last load to get out before an ice storm was to hit. The last load out was supposed to be myself, my sleeping bag, two freeze dry meals, one jug of water and my Arctic Oven tent. When my pilot came back in to get the last load, we loaded the gear and myself up and tried to take off but couldn’t because of the freezing rain on the Super Cub aircraft and standing water on the strip. I rolled out of the Super Cub with my sleeping bag, Arctic Oven tent and survival bag so the pilot could be lighter and take off before being frozen in. I quickly set up the tent in about ten minutes and got out of the weather. I spent the next four days in the Arctic Oven tent with no heat, minimal food and had to melt snow in my sleeping bag for water. The Arctic Oven kept enough of my body heat in to keep me alive and not freeze to death. Thank you for the design on the Arctic Oven tents!”
Paul Hansen Survival

Paul Hansen, Fishing Guide, Alaska Rainbow Adventures

Completely Dry in an Arctic Oven

“I was out on a fishing trip in September. A huge storm came through and flooded out the entire western Alaska region. We knew the storm was bad and that the water was going to come up, but we were not in a position to move our camp safely at that time. We went to bed in our Arctic Oven tents and hoped for the best. By 7am, the water was about 18” up the side of the tent. But no big deal… the Arctic Oven tents held up great! The only water that made it into the tent was when we opened the door so we could take down the tent. We were literally in the middle of a river and were completely dry inside of our tents!”
Laurie Drees

Laurie Drees, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Rain is nothing to this tent!

“On our 10 day canoe trip in northern British Columbia, the tent and stove kept us warm and dry in torrential downpours, proving that rain is nothing to this tent - and that ventilation is excellent. It also easily withstood 50 km/hr and more winds recently during an Arctic trip to Baker Lake, Nunavut, where we were subjected to nonstop hard wind on the tundra. Your customers can rest assured that these Arctic Oven tents will perform in all kinds of weather. Thank you for making such an excellent product!”

Nate Taylor, Colorado

Huge Supporters of the Arctic Oven

“A video testimonial from a few "huge supporters" of the Arctic Oven tent in Colorado. ”