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Stove Care and Use

All Arctic Oven™ tents come equipped with a stove jack, allowing customers to use a stove inside for warmth.  As with all items you may use with the Arctic Oven tent, it is your responsibility to read and review all instructions and warnings provided to you regarding safe usage of the Arctic Oven tent, as well as any additional equipment you may have brought into the tent.  It is your responsibility to know how to safely operate your camp. 

Using a stove in a confined area, such as a tent, requires not just common sense, but research to safely set-up and operate the stove. Refer to any manufacturer literature and warnings for the stove you are using in order to operate it correctly and safely. Alaska Tent & Tarp is not the manufacturer of the stoves it resells.  

To make things a little easier, we have provided some general guidelines to review regarding safe operation of stoves in the Arctic Oven tent.  By no means is this a comprehensive list. There are many factors to be considered in a scenario, including: tent model, stove, fuel, wind, precipitation, cleanliness and many others that can contribute to the functional and safe operation of your tent and stove combination.


The bullet points listed above are suggested ways to overcome issues that arise when using a stove in a tent. This list is not all-inclusive.  Do the research required to use a stove properly. Contact your stove manufacturer. Ask questions. Learn from others who know and have used tents with stoves.

But most of all, safely enjoy being warm and dry in your Arctic Oven tent for MANY years to come!