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Arctic Oven 10 Extreme Tent
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Arctic Oven™ 10 Extreme

The Arctic Oven 10 Extreme is the original Arctic Oven tent and was designed with comfort and functionality in mind.  If you need room to stand up straight and move around, but want to keep the weight low, this tent is your home away from home.  At only 42 pounds, this 90 square foot and 6’9” peak tent is the perfect size for all your camping needs. 

Popular among hunters, fishermen, explorers, mushers and trappers, the Arctic Oven 10 Extreme is lighter and easier to set up than traditional wall tents and outfitter tents.  Luxury and mobility… can you ask for anything more?

Break with tradition, start your own… in an Arctic Oven 10 Extreme!

Product Details

  • All Arctic Oven Extreme model tents include:
    • Screen window in the front door
    • Screen window in the back wall
    • Stove jack in the fly and body with cover flap
    • Additional high wind tie out locations (guy-out lines not included)
  • The Arctic Oven has a full-coverage tent fly made out of 200-denier heavy-duty 4oz. urethane coated oxford nylon.
  • The body of the Arctic Oven tent is made out of an extremely breathable and water repellent material called Vapex™.
  • All materials used in the tents are fire resistant (FR).
  • Condensation-free interior - Vapex™ has a high water transfer rate, which means it is highly water repellent and is extremely breathable.
  • The Arctic Oven 10 Extreme is equipped with a 4" round silicone fabric stove jack with cover flaps so a stove can be used inside the tent.  The stove provides a warm interior when you are winter camping.
  • The Arctic Oven tent features steep side walls, utility loops and storage pockets, providing more usable interior space.
  • Frame is made of thick anodized aluminum tubing and durable steel hub fittings.
  • Poles use ¼” Arctic-grade bungee cords.
  • High and low vents provide flow-through air ventilation.
  • Comes standard with Durapeg tent stakes, which are light-weight automotive-grade plastic stakes.  Different ground conditions require different kinds of stakes.  To see other stake options, please visit our tent accessories page.
  • Arctic Oven tents are quick and easy to set up, allowing you to get out of the cold weather and into your heated tent.


SEASONS  Four-season tent
SLEEPS  Four to five person tent according to industry standards.  If sleeping on cots and utilizing a stove, this tent will comfortably sleep two - three people.
WEIGHT  42 lbs packed weight including tent and poles
FLOOR SIZE  9’6” x 9’6”
AREA  90 square feet of livable space with steep side walls
PEAK HEIGHT  6’9” peak
PACK SIZE  30” tall x 26” wide x 20” deep
VENTS  Adjustable high and low tubular vents
WINDOWS  Screen window in the front door and back wall
FRAME  Anodized aluminum tubing poles with durable steel hub fittings


TENT FLY  Heavy-duty 4 oz. urethane coated oxford nylon (200-denier)
                   - Many colors to choose from (see them all here):
                     Yellow, Multi-Cam Camo,  and Coyote
TENT BODY  Vapex™, extremely breathable and water repellent
BODY FLOOR  Heavy-duty 4 oz. urethane coated oxford nylon (200-denier)
TENT FRAME Thick anodized aluminum tubing frame with durable steel hub fittings and Arctic-grade bungee cord
TENT STAKES  Durapegs, made of light-weight automotive-grade ABS plastic


Join the Comfortable Camping Club

“As another cold, wet hunting season in Alaska comes to a close, I am so sorry for everyone that did not have an Arctic oven tent. Starting every morning warm and dry is priceless. Looking forward to -30 camping and shooting Aurora in the best tent ever made. The Arctic Oven. Do yourself a favor and join the comfortable camping club, get your Arctic oven today. Thank you Arctic Oven tent! ”

— Clint Pickarsky, Avid Alaskan Outdoorsman

Rain is nothing to this tent!

“On our 10 day canoe trip in northern British Columbia, the tent and stove kept us warm and dry in torrential downpours, proving that rain is nothing to this tent - and that ventilation is excellent. It also easily withstood 50 km/hr and more winds recently during an Arctic trip to Baker Lake, Nunavut, where we were subjected to nonstop hard wind on the tundra. Your customers can rest assured that these Arctic Oven tents will perform in all kinds of weather. Thank you for making such an excellent product!”

— Laurie Drees, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Living the life in an Arctic Oven!

“I work for an ice drilling project and have spent five seasons and close to 12 months total living in one of your tents and could not be happier with their performance. We supply them to all members of our drill crew. You wouldn't even guess you were in Greenland or Antarctica. ”

— Kristina Dahnert, Drill Crew, Antarctica