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Arctic Oven 12 Extreme Tent
Arctic Oven 12 Extreme Front
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Arctic Oven 12 Extreme Body
Arctic Oven 12 Extreme - a sanctuary in all conditions
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Arctic Oven™ 12 Extreme

The Arctic Oven 12 Extreme is big enough to fit your next adventure.  With steep side walls and lots of head room, the 152 square feet of livable space with 7’2” peak provides more than enough room for you, your camping buddies and all of your gear.  This size tent is often seen in hunting camps, research sites, or family campgrounds.  This moisture-free tent will change the way you camp!

Break with tradition, start your own… in an Arctic Oven 12 Extreme!

Product Details

  • All Arctic Oven Extreme model tents include:
    • Screen window in the front door
    • Screen window in the back wall
    • Stove jack in the fly and body with cover flap
    • Additional high wind tie out locations (guy-out lines not included)
  • The Arctic Oven has a full-coverage tent fly made out of 200-denier heavy-duty 4oz. urethane coated oxford nylon.
  • The body of the Arctic Oven tent is made out of an extremely breathable and water repellent material called Vapex™.
  • All materials used in the tents are fire resistant (FR).
  • Condensation-free interior - Vapex™ has a high water transfer rate, which means it is highly water repellant and is extremely breathable.
  • The Arctic Oven 12 Extreme is equipped with a 4.5" oval silicone fabric stove jack with cover flaps so a stove can be used inside the tent. The stove provides a warm interior when you are winter camping.
  • The Arctic Oven tent features steep side walls, utility loops and storage pockets, providing more usable interior space.
  • Frame is made of thick anodized aluminum tubing and durable steel hub fittings.
  • Poles use ¼” Arctic-grade bungee cords.
  • High and low vents provide flow-through air ventilation.
  • Comes standard with Durapeg tent stakes, which are light-weight automotive-grade plastic stakes.  Different ground conditions require different kinds of stakes.  To see other stake options, please visit our tent accessories page.
  • Arctic Oven tents are quick and easy to set up, allowing you to get out of the cold weather and into your heated tent.


SEASONS  Four-season tent
SLEEPS  Six to seven person tent according to industry standards. If sleeping on cots and utilizing a stove, this tent will comfortably sleep four to five people.
WEIGHT  63 lbs packed weight including tent and poles
FLOOR SIZE  12’4” x 12’4"
AREA  152 square feet of livable space with steep side walls
PEAK HEIGHT  7'2” peak
PACK SIZE  ~34” tall x 30” wide x 24” deep
VENTS  Adjustable high and low tubular vents
WINDOWS  Screen window in the front door and back wall
FRAME  Anodized aluminum tubing poles with durable steel hub fittings


TENT FLY  Heavy-duty 4 oz. urethane coated oxford nylon (200-denier)
                   - Many colors to choose from (see them all here):
                     Yellow, Multi-Cam Camo, and Coyote
TENT BODY  Vapex™, extremely breathable and water repellent
BODY FLOOR  Heavy-duty 4 oz. urethane coated oxford nylon (200-denier)
TENT FRAME Thick anodized aluminum tubing frame with durable steel hub fittings and Arctic-grade bungee cord
TENT STAKES  Durapegs, made of light-weight automotive-grade ABS plastic


Completely Dry in an Arctic Oven

“I was out on a fishing trip in September. A huge storm came through and flooded out the entire western Alaska region. We knew the storm was bad and that the water was going to come up, but we were not in a position to move our camp safely at that time. We went to bed in our Arctic Oven tents and hoped for the best. By 7am, the water was about 18” up the side of the tent. But no big deal… the Arctic Oven tents held up great! The only water that made it into the tent was when we opened the door so we could take down the tent. We were literally in the middle of a river and were completely dry inside of our tents!”

— Paul Hansen, Fishing Guide, Alaska Rainbow Adventures

One trip in an Arctic Oven will turn a skeptic!

“A group of students and adults from Kotzebue High School went to the Selawik Hot Springs last week. The trip was around 500 miles round-trip, and many of us stayed in your Arctic Ovens. There were some people on the trip that were skeptics about these tents. After sitting in my tent, several adults said they were going to buy one.”

— Michael Rilee, Kotzebue High School, Kotzebue, Alaska