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Arctic Oven Color Options

Arctic Oven tents are made out of a 4oz. urethane coated oxford nylon (200-denier) material.  This material includes FR treatment and a UV inhibitor. The fly extends beyond the base of the tent to provide elongated flaps that you can use to pack on snow, rocks, sand, and gravel. This allows for superior performance in high wind situations and reduces the amount of air flow coming under the tent fly and disrupting the dead air space that acts as the insulation between the body and the fly of the tent.

* Please note - the Arctic Oven Quest is made out of a 1.9oz. urethane-coated ripstop nylon (70-denier) material.  The only color option for the Arctic Oven Quest with this light weight material is Orange.  We do carry the AO Quest in Coyote, which uses our normal 4oz. urethane-coated oxford nylon (200-denier) material.

Yellow Fly Color ~ Our traditional Arctic Oven color

Yellow is our standard color for Arctic Oven tents.  The yellow material creates a bright interior by allowing natural light to come through the tent wall.  The yellow material makes it easy to spot your tent from a distance after a day spent in the great outdoors.  This tent color looks great in all seasons - it stands out against the snow during the winter and looks great among the fall colors.  We stock most of our tent models in our standard yellow color.






Coyote Tan

The Coyote material is a great color for people wanting to be less visible in their camping environment, but don't want to have a camo tent.  It is a natural color that is a good transition for the camper who is moving from a canvas wall tent to an Arctic Oven tent.  It is a darker shade than our traditional yellow fly color, so it will let in less light to the interior of the tent.  With the darker shade comes an increase in the UV inhibitor properties, so it will withstand UV deterioration for a longer period of time.  We stock most of our tent modesl in our coyote brown nylon material. 





Multi-Cam Camo

The Multi-Cam Camo material is a popular option for people who are looking to blend into their environment.  Popular among hunters and preppers, this material is a licensed military-spec material that is not visible to night vision equipment.  The tent also has a superior UV inhibitor compared to the solid color Arctic Oven fly options.  Due to the darker overall shade of this color option, the inside of the tent will not be as bright as the standard yellow color option.  If interested in the Multi-Cam Camo material, you will have to pay an additional charge for this specialized patterned material.  We stock our most popular models in the Multi-Cam Camo material. 





Similar to the Multi-Cam Camo material color, this color option is popular among hunters and preppers who do not want to be seen.  It is a famous camo pattern worldwide, so many people choose this color simply because they like the pattern!  The Realtree X-tra® Camo pattern is printed on a polyester material which makes this material our best option for UV inhibitor properties.  The overall shade of the material is darker compared to our yellow material, which lets in a moderate amount of natural light.  We stock some of our most popular tent models in Realtree X-tra® Camo, however, you will need to check on availability if you are interested in this option.  There is an additional charge for tents fabricated with this popular camo material.