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Arctic Oven tents come standard with all the bells and whistles!  Since 1987, we have been testing, experimenting and perfecting the design and features to create the most versatile and comfortable camping tent in the world.  Spending a night in the wild has never felt so good.  Here are some of the main reasons people have retired their old wall tents to experience how good it can be:


Condensation-Free Interior

A dry place to recharge

Arctic Oven tents use a proprietary material called Vapex™ for the body of the tent.  It has a high water transfer rate, allowing water vapors to exit the tent while remaining extremely breathable.  In other words, this material is going to keep you DRY.  It wicks moisture out of the tent but doesn't allow any water to penetrate back into the tent.  Pretty sweet, huh?!

The Vapex™ tent body will expedite the drying process for you and your gear after a long day in the great outdoors.  With the moisture-free tent walls, you can sleep right up against the wall and you won't get wet!  We like to keep the rain on the outside of the tent where it belongs.

Warmth at any temperature

Cold weather has met its match

Most Arctic Oven tents come standard with a high temperature silicone fabric stove jack, allowing you to use a stove inside for warmth.  Sheet metal wood stoves or propane stoves are what we recommend, however, even a lantern can help to heat your tent!  High and low vents are built in for adequate air circulation in the tent when a stove is in use.

The combination of a stove and the condensation-free tent material creates a WARM and DRY camping experience.  And there is nothing better than being in a warm and dry tent when you are cold and wet after a day spent in the great outdoors!

strength-to-weight ratio

Luxury & mobility - can you ask for anything more?

The Arctic Oven tent frame is custom manufactured using thick aluminum tubing with durable hub fittings.  Our tent is self standing and is designed to absorb and dissipate stress, while providing stability against high winds and strength for heavy snow loads.  With all this strength, you would think you were in a cabin; however this "cabin" can easily be taken down and moved to a new camping location in no time!  

The poles are attached using Arctic-grade bungee cord, adding ease and durability to the tent setup process.  And sometimes a quick tent setup process is important when it is cold and wet outside!  Compared to the old canvas tents, the Arctic Oven is incredibly lightweight and is very quick to set up.

Heavy-duty rain fly

weather happens.  So what?

As long as you plan on camping in your Arctic Oven tent, you are bound to experience some less than ideal weather conditions.  Luckily, you will be lounging under the canopy of a heavy-duty, 4oz. urethane coated, fire resistant nylon rain fly.  And the rain fly is available in several colors!  Whether you are facing heavy snowfall, torrential rain or high wind situations, you can rest assured that your tent can stand up to the challenge.

The Arctic Oven tent is a sturdy bunker, but always be sure to properly guy-out your tent using the many high wind tie-out points and numerous stake-out locations that come standard with all of our tents.


innovative tent system

This is NOT your grandpa's tent

The Arctic Oven tent is more than just a tent.  It is a tent system, where all of the pieces and parts work together to create the best all-season tent available.  We utilize a double wall principle with an inner tent suspended from an external, self-supported frame.  The external fly extends past the floor of the tent body, reducing the amount of air flow coming under the fly of the tent.  There is a gap between the inner tent body and the outer tent fly, which creates a dead air space that acts as insulation.

All these fancy words and all we are really trying to say is that this tent system works in ALL temperatures and ALL conditions!


vestibule option

Because you need storage space

If you are planning on cramming a bunch of people in your tent, or you're going to be out for days on end, you are going to need some extra storage space.  Luckily, we have the solution!  We have designed the ideal storage space for each model of Arctic Oven tent.  The vestibule provides a space outside of the tent body that you can use to store your gear, boots and equipment.  Your stuff is safely covered under our 4oz. urethane coated nylon fly.  The vestibule truly does add usable square footage to your camp setup!

The vestibule also acts as an "Arctic entry" during those bad weather days.  Keep the rain, snow or wind out of the living space by using the vestibule as your staging area when going in and out of the tent.  Now this is luxury camping!

Details make a difference

Nothing is by mistake

Details on the Arctic Oven tent include: